Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We're Turning Japanese

I really think so!

Yeah yeah, I know it is a bit of a cliché, but Lyani and I really are taking serious steps toward resolving the nature versus nurture debate, in the favour of the latter.

To wit:

My bento boxI am currently in the throes of eating an お弁当 (o-bento, or Japanese boxed lunch), pictured above. This particular one (if you clicky clicky, you might just be able to make out the details) contains the following items:

Gaspard and Lisa keitai strapAnd Lyani? Well, she has been bitten by the Gaspard and Lisa bug, big time! In Japan, Land of the Rising Cute, as soon as the "Hello Kitty" craze showed signs of slowing down, Japanese girls quickly turned Gaspard and Lisa into a huge fad. So now you can find Gaspard and Lisa merchandise of every description. Lyani, whose consumer sense is pretty sharp, has been able to get off with just a keitai strap (pictured at left) and a couple of postcards.

Are we the Japanesiest? (Apologies to Ota!) Maybe not, but we are getting there! ;)

And this has little to do with the entry, but it is a genuine Christmas miracle: a seat on this evening's Tokaido Line train from Tokyo to Yokohama. Gaze upon it in all of its glory (those are Amazon's coding conventions saving the seat for me, BTW--they were also a bit of a Christmas present to me, as they filled my heart with joy--let's just say that Amazonians know how to hack code and leave it at that, shall we?).

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