Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Colour Green

My green shirtIt just occurred to me (almost certainly due to the fact that I am wearing a dark green shirt today), that I have based quite a few of my decisions on the presence of a certain shade of green (yes, this is the one).

  • The College of William and MaryMy School

    My beloved alma mater loves their colours so much that everything is green and gold.

  • My Wife
    The first time I kissed Lyani, she was wearing her dark green sweater.

  • 2001 Honda Civic EX Sedan, 4-speed, GreenMy Car
    Honda called the colour "Emerald Green Metallic", and boy was it ever sweet. The colour was not the only thing I loved about the car--far from it, as it was the most perfect driving machine ever manufactured--but it certainly made me buy the thing in the first place! ;)

  • AmazonMy Job

    Amazon has the holiday colours out now, but the site certainly used to have dark green title bars!

So there you have it. My fate is ruled by the colour green!

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