Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hot Moblog Action

So here I am, stuck on a Tokaido Line train, just shy of Shinagawa. The time is 20:07. The train is stopped, due to some undisclosed safety issue. So, the first thing that occurred to me, after firing off a C-mail to Lyani to tell her that I was delayed, was that I might die of old age on this damned train! No, just kidding (kinda); my first thought was that, holstered to my side, I was packing an Internet-capable computer with hundreds of times the computing power of ENIAC: my keitai (mobile phone). So why not pass the time--and get some much-needed text-entry practise--by doing a little mobile blogging (or moblogging, as it is called in the 'sphere)?

In the time that it took to write the preceeding paragraph, I reached Yokohama Station, caught a Negishi Line train, got off at Ishikawa-cho Station, and am now walking home. The time is now 20:51. Good night!


UnityFlow said...
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Sean said...

Neat! Can you find some links that describe your cool Japanese phone??

Josh Glover said...

Aks, and yo shall receive!