Sunday, December 11, 2005

New Tasty Blogs

I just added two more blogs to my sidebar, and renamed the thing "Blogs that I Read" (it used to be called "Links"). Here are the new entrants (I thought that since I did a run-down of blogs that I read previously, I should cover new additions as well): - Colin Steele's blog is a bit more than a blog--he also has his bookmarks and his Flickr photostream accessible. Colin is a very interesting guy from a very interesting family--yes, he is Adam and Sean's big brother--and he always has something interesting to say. He is brutally honest (especially about himself) and a thinking man. But my favourite thing about Colin is that he is a chap who can excel at anything he decides to learn. The story that I always heard from Adam while growing up was how Colin taught himself C++ and then went on to get himself hired as AOL's first UNIX programmer and design a little program called AOL Instant Messenger. Heard of it?

Sorry, the point was not to turn this entry into the Colin Steele Fan Hour (though maybe I should do a weekly radio show), but to explain why I like Colin's blog. His latest thing seems to be photography, and in typical Colin style, he "McGuyver'd up" his own home photo studio, and proceeded to mess around with some still life photography, which turned out, in this art critic's humble opinion, quite well. Which just goes to prove that Wil Wheaton (plug number five-hundred-and-one on the day!) is right, "when you are interested, you'll be interesting". So keep being interested in a lot of stuff, Colin, cause I find it interesting reading! :)

Sad Faced BoySad Faced Boy - This blog is written by Carey Hall, a friend and co-worker of mine from my TFCC days. Carey, who we tend to call "Chall", for reasons that should be fairly obvious to anyone familiar with Unix usernames, is a really nice guy, who went well out of his way to make Lyani and I feel like we had friends in Columbus. Chall and I also have a lot in common, being blond guys who have been married for just over three years, have studied abroad in Japan, and drive (well, drove, past tense, in my case, sadly) Honda Civics. He also turns out to be a very interesting blogger!

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