Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Get Around Like Sushi on a Kaiten

So after yesterday's wonderful sushi mockumentary, we were all inspired to have a little kaiten-zushi today.

The Amazon Japan IT Crew
So the Amazon IT crew went to a little sushi place in Ichikawa for lunch. Pictured are, from the front / right: Mauro-sensei, the Director of IT for Amazon Japan; watashi-dono (me), UNIX Systems Administrator; Fujimoto-san, Support Engineer; and the inestimable Miyoshi-sama, Senior Support Engineer.

Fujimoto-san showed me how to operate the hot water spigot at the counter, for which I am eternally grateful. Mauro and I were giggling the whole time over reference to the sushi mockumentary, and Miyoshi ate a pregnant prawn. Good times. :)

After lunch, on the way back to the office, we tried to think of all of the Japanese words that sound like bad words in English, Spanish, and Bulgarian. Needless to say, we compiled quite a list.

When I got home, Lyani met me at Isezaki, and we went to (what else?) a sushi-ya for a little more kaiten action. And beer. Mmm.


chall said...

There was a kaiten place in Harajuku that my friend Tyler took me too while I was there. It was pretty alright but then again I am by no means a connoisseur of kaiten places as I have been to two ever. What's actually around the warehouse judging by your photo's it looks like the warehouse is surronded by a lot of nothing.

Josh Glover said...

Yes, the warehouse is surrounded by a lot of nothing. :)

We are way the hell out in Chiba-ken, which explains that.

Luckily, Mauro (the boss) has a car, and he drives us all to lunch every day.