Friday, June 02, 2006

Moving on... up?

Well, at least we are headed for the East Side, anyway. Of Tokyo, that is.

If you have read any of the sporadic effusions of foppery most vile that pass for entries in this here blog, you will know that I have a certain propensity for bitching and moaning about my commute. Poor me, etc. So it will come as no surprise that I live a life of intense longing for that elusive apartment closer to my work.

Luckily for my sanity, the aforementioned apartment was really not as elusive as I had feared. Lyani and I went up to Shinjuku a month or so back, had a nice chat with a man about a dog (and by this I mean, a real-estate agent about an apartment), and decided on a place that very same day. It is a tiny little shoebox of an apartment, but the location is terrific: a ten minute walk from Maihama Station on the Keiyo Line. Maihama Station is important for two reasons, namely that it happens to be right next to Tokyo Disneyland, and that it is two stops from Ichikawa Shiohama Station, which is noted only for its proximity to the Amazon Japan FC, which contains, amongst other exiting things, my very own cubicle.

Next weekend is the big date for the move, so you may reasonably assume that after that, I will never complain again about anything, and will go through my life as the most positive person ever to draw breath, letting the aggregate idiocy of humanity roll off my back like so many water droplets (off a duck's back, natch). All right, enough snickering from the peanut gallery! I am sure I'll find something to complain about, just not the commute, or the attendant issues such as the behaviour of my fellow commuters in Tokyo Station.

Moving on to issues of more meteorological import, the weather has finally become nice: sun, temperatures in the low 20s. Which means we have like a week of spring to look forward to before the rainy season begins. After three weeks of solid rain, we will be unceremoniously dumped, kicking and screaming, into the Japanese summer, which is something like living in a pressure cooker for several months. But for now, the spring weather is pleasant, and has allowed me to take advantage of the dress code at work. Or rather, the lack of a dress code at work. Heh heh, Japan is not ready for the gleam of the sun striking my magnificently white legs, bare from the knee down, thanks to my shorts. Yeah, that's right, my fellow office workers! I'm chilling at my desk in shorts and a tee shirt, which you are all sweating in your suits or looking like tools in your Dockers.

And I'm out.


SFB said...
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SFB said...

So is the significant other mostly done with school now or does she have a few classes left?

Tokyo Disney land from what I have heard from my old study abroad roomate sucked. But then I didn't go to Disney World until I was in high school and by then all I could think was how unexciting everything was.

Another question so I'm sure you will love the lack of commute but do you think you will miss having the killer commute pass that let you travel across most of Tokyo on works dime? Hmm probably not, your commute sounded heinous.

Josh Glover said...

Yes, the Wife has her final happyou today. In two hours. :)

I definitely will miss my commuter pass, but I would say the trade-off is worth it.

Anyway, the World Cup starts this week-end, and lasts for a month, so I won't be doing any travelling for the duration, I am sure.