Monday, June 19, 2006

McHeartAttack, the .JP Way

Tamago Double MacWe briefly interrupt our World Cup coverage to bring you the following Public Service Announcement:

McDonald's Japan has brought back the best fast-food sandwich in the history of the universe, the Tamago Double Mac (with cheese). This sandwich is a celebration of cholesterol: two "beef" patties, topped with a huge Egg McMuffin-style slab of egg, bacon, cheese, and Big Mac sauce.

But it is here for a limited time only (last year, it was the Sandwich of the Month for October), so git yer keister over to the Golden Arches!

I'm lovin' it.


cdog said...

LOL Playa I must go to JP one day soon. You got robot world cup, crazy flashing lights and weird cheeseburgers. N Korea trying to shoot missles over yo head at Cali. You seen a beer vending machines up in that piece?

Josh Glover said...

Of course I have seen beer vending machines, though they are not as common as they were five years ago. In Kyoto, I saw a vending machine that dispensed not only beer, but fifths of whiskey as well! And there was a porn video (VHS tapes) vending machine near where I lived in Kanazawa back in the day.

In short, if you want to buy it, a vending machine can help you out. :)