Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Maradona, Part II

And to think I was about to blog about something other than the World Cup. Yes, I was sitting here on the floor while Lyani flipped through the TV channels, getting ready to blog about our move and so on, when what to my wondering eyes should appear than a story on Diego Maradona. Specifically, a story making fun of Diego Maradona. Needless to say, I had to watch that.

Apparently, Maradona was pulled over by the German police for speeding, en route back to his hotel after Argentina's win over Serbia on Friday. Heh heh. The best headline I found with Google News was this one:

"Maradona's Joy Proves Short-Lived"

Also, the Japanese show had some great footage of Maradona waving his towel and yelling like crazy to support his team, then stopping for a minute to say some nasty things to a younger guy in an Argentina jersey who was sitting in front of him, then go right back to celebrating. Classic.

Sorry for making fun of your countryman, Mauro, but you have to admit that Maradona is a bit much these days. :)


cdog said...

I'm watching sweden v england

Joe Cole just scored and it was absolutely beautiful. One trap off the chest and then a bullet over the keeper. I don't think it even hit the ground first off the chest! England looks much better today.

Josh Glover said...

Right you are. In fact, I was just about to write a quick entry to the effect that my predictions did not hold.