Monday, October 10, 2005

Skype's the Word

Any readers of this blog who do not yet have a Skype account should run, not walk, to get one! Skype is a Voice Over IP (VOIP) application that uses the Internet instead of the Publicly-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to enable phone calls. The best part? Computer-to-computer calls are free! Like zero dollars free. That is zero yen free, too.

They have a few value-added services that do cost money, such as the fantastic SkypeOut, which allows you to make calls from your computer to a normal phone. And it is dirt-cheap, too! But not as cheap as free, so if you want to talk to me, please get a free Skype account so that I don't have to spend money doing it! All you need is a computer with an Internet connexion (which you most likely have, or you would not be reading this blog), a soundcard (which almost all computers build since 2000 do), and a headset with a microphone (if you do not have one of these, your local computer store, Target, or--God forbid--WalMart should have one for aorund $20).

When you have an account, email me and let me know what it is. I will then let you know what my account name is (though most of you who are familiar with my normal account name can probably guess). I would not recommend posting your account name in the comments, as this blog is not password-protected, so any Tom, Dick, or Harry can read it.

That is all.