Saturday, June 16, 2007

Whiskey, You're the Devil

You're leading me astray /
Over hills and mountains /
and to Amerikay /
You're sweetness from the Bleachner /
and spunkier than tea /
oh whisky you're my darling drunk or sober!

Oh yes; I've done it again; I've been drinking again and having too much fun!

First and foremost, I'd like to give shoutouts to mah boyz: Erin, Keith, Mauro, Pietro (capiche, paisan?), Edward, Alberto AKA Prez fo' Life, Lyle (nice to see you again, playah; let's make it twice a year from now on!), Dave B., Curt (you fake American Canuck you!), Edward "Holdin' Down His Set" Wri-zite, Marty and Karen, et al. Nice to meet Kim, Marty and Karen's awesome Irish guest (let's just call him Dougal), miscellaneous 日本人 (sorry gents, you did not give me cards and I cannot remember your names).

Big props to everyone who was man (or woman: Karen) enough to partake of The King of Beers (ビールの王様). Sorry 'bout that, Edward. ;)

Much fun was had, much beer was drunk; I am proud to say we exhausted Town Cryer's supply of Bass, Anchor Steam, and some other beer that is not coming to mind at the moment.

Yeah, TLUG nomikai; act like ya know!

Soundwave Presents the Mos Def CollectionIn other news, hot shit includes:


Pietro said...
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Pietro said...

Ciao Paesano!

Well Joshu-san I have to admit but the worst experience yesterday night was the Budweiser beer... gomen ne.

It's a mix from happoshu 発泡酒, distillate water, some chemical taste like E numbers
or something.

Gomen ne Joshu-san! ;-)

Josh Glover said...


Budweiser is terrible; that's why I subjected you guys to it. :)