Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mitsuya's Liquor

Or Sam's Town Strikes Back.

It has been quite busy recently, so I've not had a chance to blog much, but we took a walk over to Daiso and Mitsuya's today, so I figured I'd dust off this entry and add a few photos to my directions.

Sam dusts off a bottle of Segura Viudas Brut Reserva NV for me.

I went into Sam's tonight to restock my beer fridge with a bottle each of Балтика 3 Классическое and Heather Ales Kelpie Seaweed Ale, and decided while I was there to grab a bottle of the bubbly to celebrate the end of a truly hellish work week. Sam recommended the Segura Viudas Brut Reserva NV, a real value at ¥1,450, and I was not disappointed. I am not a big champagne fan, but this was a very nice, dry one that even I could appreciate.

So if you too want to experience the magic that is Mitsuya's Liquor, clicky clicky for the map.


  • From Tokyo Metro Minami-Asagaya Station (南阿佐ケ谷):
      Minami-Asagaya Station, exit 2b
    1. Assuming you are coming from Shinjuku, get off the train and take the transfer passage under the tracks--it is in the middle of the platform--to the other side (if you are coming from Ogikubo simply stay on the same platform), then go out the turnstiles and up the stairs.
    2. Alley leading into the shopping arcade
    3. The left fork of the stairs (exit 2b) will dump you out in front of the Suginami-ku-yakusho (杉並区役所--ward office).
    4. Turn right and walk in front of the kuyakusho, taking the first right, which is a little path between the kuyakusho and Asagaya Middle School (阿佐ケ谷中文).
    5. The path will take you out behind the fenced-in playground of the school and to a small alley.
    6. Mituya's from the Minami-Asagaya Station side
    7. Turn left to follow the fence, then right with the alley when it turns (approximately 30 metres).
    8. The alley will dead-end into a shopping arcade; turn left, take five steps or so and Mitsuya's will be on the right-hand side of the arcade (you'll recognise it by the beer and wine bottles in boxes out front).

  • From JR Asagaya Station (阿佐ケ谷):
      Asagaya Station, North Exit
    1. Take the North Exit, then turn left and walk to the corner of the main street (there is a McDonald's across the street more or less in front of you).
    2. Cross the street, then the entrance to the shopping arcade will be horizontally to your right (at two o'clock on the dial of a watch, or at an angle of roughly 50 degrees--one radian?).
    3. Pass a Book-Off on the left
    4. Head into the arcade, and follow it for roughly 600 metres (you will pass a Laox on the right, then a Book-Off on the left, then a Peacock on the left).
    5. After you pass the Peacock, you will pass two alleys on the left, and Mitsuya will be on your left hand side, on the corner of the second alley.
    6. Pass a Peacock on the left
    7. Again, look for boxes of beer and wine out front.

Mitsuya's from the Asagaya Station side

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Kim Skipper Anderson said...

I am trying to locate Sam. I am a friend from NC & went to visit him in Japan a couple times.
Lost touch through the years & thinking of him after the terrible earthquake.

Send me an email if you have his email.