Sunday, February 05, 2006

This is Getting Ridiculous


I was browsing SourceForge--a popular Open Source development site--and came across the following "advertisement" (clicky clicky for the fullsize version):


So let me get this straight: Microsoft is paying SourceForge to "advertise", but is just spreading anti-Linux FUD, and SourceForge (which has, presumably, a huge vested interest in Linux) is allowing this bullshit to continue? WTF?

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MalexMedia said...

I have noticed this madness before. Microsoft and friends seem to be spending huge amounts of money advertising in enemy territory. I imagine that it puts the osdl-dot-forge family in a rather difficult situation altogether when presented with such things. Do they start excluding potential clients just because they don't agree with said clients' views? There could be lots of money at stake... Besides, is such a thing even legal?

'Tis a puzzlement...