Wednesday, January 25, 2006

How You Know When You've Found the One

...perfect job for you. What, did you think I was going to wax--or wane, depending on your point of view--intellectual on matters of the heart again?

Let me explain: I just spent the last hour on It started innocently enough, with me just looking up some of the new releases from Safari, to see if any were worth "bookmarking" in my Technical wishlist (hint hint?).

Veteran Amazon shoppers will probably already be shaking their heads in bemusement over my naïveté.

You see, whenever you are foolish enough to add something to your wishlist, Amazon is helpful enough to show you what other people who shopped for that book also shopped for, as well as what other people who shopped for items contained in your wishlist also shopped for. Since my Technical wishlist (got that link yet, kids?) is chock full o' excellent technical books, this is a damned useful feature. To wit (you will probably want to clicky clicky so's you can read-y read-y):

Amazon being helpful

Of course, this can be a huge time sink, and worse yet, for Amazon employees, you can wind up owing your soul to the company store.

But seriously, if you work for a company and still think your product is great, that is probably a good sign.


matthew said...

Much of my wishlist is stuff that I found that way. It is a scam. A wonderful scam.

Josh Glover said...

Indeed, it is a scam. :)

But in a way, it perfectly models how our brains store information, by connecting stuff using relative weights.

Amazingly, the Amazon tech proves that humanity is not a teeming sea of idiocy, as I had previously surmised. ;)

matthew said...

Did you hear about that 'racist suggestion' mistake on Walmart's DVD page? It was pretty bad so I don't really want to repeat it here....

Josh Glover said...

No. Can you provide a link to a news story that explains it?

ところで、yesterday, I told the story of our Ako experience, in the context of explaining the meaning behind 立ち読み終点 (tachi-yomi shuuten: the limit to a bookstore owner's patience regarding "customers" who stand amongst the shelves reading, but not buying books / magazines / manga).

Good times we had on that trip, good times.

When are you coming to Tokyo, you lazy bastard? Don't make me come down to Shikoku and kick your ass--even the Sweet Science won't save you from my Fists of Fury! ;)

matthew said...

Ha. That trip was great. Do you still have those brass kucks that we found in Shimonoseki (that was like playing 'River City Ransom' or something).

Anyway, check this out --

About coming to Tokyo -- what can I say, I'm both broke and busy. Have to go back to NZ in two weeks anyway. Don't think I am going to make it. However, I expect to be coming to the Tokyo area between August and November and I hope we have a chance to do some karaoke (and mis-adventures). No fists of fury or sweet science will be needed (although it is good to know that you can use it if you need it).

Josh Glover said...

Yes, I still have the knucks, I think--unless I gave them to Chall just before I left Columbus... Chall?

I clicked a link off of your WalMart story, and found this: funniest. tee-shirts. ever! Holy craps!