Wednesday, January 18, 2006

PRIDE (In the Name of Love)

Remember the 男祭 / Otoko-matsuri / Man Festival? Well, when Lyani and I were at Narita AKA "Tokyo" International Airport, we saw none other than this dude, making a withdrawl from the bank:

Fedor Emelianenko

And who might he be--aside from an ex-KGB wetworks specialist--you may ask? None other than Fedor Emelianenko, the current PRIDE FC heavyweight champion.

ZuluWhether he actually had a bank account, or just threatened to punch the teller repeatedly in the face until she capitulated. Which is exactly what he did to Zulu (pictured at left) during the 男祭.

Lyani and I were both a little too scared to ask him for an autograph. :)


Robert Ota Dieterich said...

I always thought that the combination of the words "PRIDE" and "男祭り" was just unintentionally suggestive. Then I saw the sweaty-man, grapple-fest that is PRIDE on New Year's. I have no doubts anymore. It is the gayest fighting league in the world. Just don't tell Fedor I said so.

Carey Hall said...

You should have walked up to him, grabbed his money, smacked him in the face and then walked away. That would have been sweet.

Josh Glover said...

Yeah, and I would now be a bloody smear on Narita's tile floor.

Thanks for the advise, Chall! ;)

Josh Glover said...

Ota, you have to admit, however, that the Fedor vs. Zulu fight wasn't gay at all.

I would imagine that Fedor doesn't go for the gay-rappling much. :)

PRIDE rules, when they stay off the canvas.

carey hall said...

What if you went up and smacked him in the face with a big black dildo... that would have been sweet.