Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So Exclusive

Yeah, I know I have not been the paragon of frequent updates recently. And when I did write stuff, it was pretty lame.

But like I learned from Wil Wheaton, when you are interested, you will be interesting. And I now submit that the converse also holds true: that when you are not interested, you have no chance of being interesting. And recently, I have not been. Interested, that is.

It is not that I don't enjoy my life. I do. It is just that I have a pretty grueling routine, and it seems to drain the creativity right out of me. As recently as a month ago, the simple act of taking a train home got me excited about two images (the swirling galaxy / starfield illusion, and lighted pods of people seemingly flying through space) and gave me the inspiration for a short story. Which of course I did not write, being a lazy bastard.

But now, it just all seems so routine. I wake up no later than 06:00, get on a train, ride it for an hour and a half into work, stay there for nine hours, then take a train home for another hour and a half. Chat with the wife for a few minutes while we prepare supper (and by we, I mean she, since I am a lazy bastard). We watch a movie or some "Family Guy" with supper, then I take a shower and go to bed. Or I don't take a shower and go to bed, and then wake up at 05:30 the next morning, take a shower, and take a train... and so on.

There are plenty of things during my day that are interesting, enjoyable, etc. But it seems that the routine that scaffolds it all just drains me.

And that, dear reader, is why I have forsaken you.

But the fact that I am writing this entry should reassure you in some way that I remain committed to writing in this blog. Because I think it does me no small amount of good to write on a (semi-) regular basis, if for no other reason than to keep my English from atrophying here in the Land of the Rising Percentage of English Loan Words Being Used in a Way that Bears Little Resemblance to How They are Used in English.

So I have a few things to write about, queued up, and I shall hereby commit to writing a short entry per day for the next two days. Topics shall be as follows: "Train Safety", and "It's a Name for a Girl" (Bates, you should get that reference!).

If you want to see me write more shorts, one thing you can do is email me or leave a comment on this entry with a question or topic. Anything you want to know about Japan, illustrated! (Though I might have to email Matthew for research purposes.)

And I'm out.

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