Thursday, November 24, 2005

Yatsu Update

By a strange twist of fate, Yatsu has achieved some limited fame from his appearances in this humble blog. First, he was contacted by FTD Florists, who were interested in having him appear in a "Delivered by us from you with love to her" advertisement. Then, a Japanese travel agency contracted him to do a series of spots advertising various romantic vacation destinations in Europe. Click here to see these features and a few of Yatsu's latest adventures.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing yatsu's album with us...he is a talented young bear, very photogenic (he must get that from his mother).

- bates

Sean said...

Yatsu! Greetings from Staunton!

I had no idea Yatsu's career as a "spokesbear" had become so successful...

Congratulations, now he can can make all the international calls his little bear heart desires!