Saturday, November 26, 2005

Amazon Start Date

My first day at Amazon will be Thursday, December 1! I can't hardly wait!

I am off to the train station today to buy a six-month commuter pass, which will cost a mint, but will allow me unlimited travel between my neighbourhood station, Ishikawa-cho, and Ichikawa-Shiohama Station, which is right next to the Amazon distribution centre where I will be working. Luckily, Amazon, like most employers here in Japan, pays a commuting allowance, so I will get reimbursed for the several-hundred-dollar commuter pass. I'll be sure to post an update with the extent of the damage here once I get the pass! :)

Update: As promised, here is the amount I had to pay for my commuter pass: ¥121,220. That is, at the current rate of exchange, $1,013.21 (or €864.36 for those of you in Europe)! Holy gold-plated Suica card, Batman!

And that is why Japanese companies pay their employee's commuting costs. :)

When I was out buying my commuter pass, I saw a fire-juggling and -eating gaijin entertaining a huge crowd over by the Landmark Tower. I am not sure what was more impressive, his juggling skills or his perfect Japanese! Colour me green with envy!

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