Sunday, July 22, 2007

OpenSolaris Journal II: BeleniX hdinstaller

Continuing to play with BeleniX, I used the hdinstaller tool to install it for reals so I could boot OpenSolaris from my hard drive.

The install itself came off without a hitch. I:
  1. Booted off the LiveCD
  2. Ran hdinstaller
  3. Selected my hard drive
  4. Deleted all my partitions
  5. Created one Solaris partition
  6. Chose auto-layout with swap, /usr, and /opt as slices
  7. Installed GRUB to the MBR
  8. Set the root password

After the install finished, I booted up off the hard drive, logged in as root, created a user account, logged in as that user, and ran startgui kde to start X:
bad interpreter: Permission denied
To read the rest of my tale of woe, click through my " Open Solaris Journal - BelleniX hdinstaller" Flickr set.

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