Wednesday, August 17, 2005

First Post! w00t!

And then I remembered that this is not Slashdot...

Welcome to my Blog, Ladies, Gentlemen, and Unspecified Others!

If the first sentence of this post made absolutely no sense to you, you are most likely a member of my family, and should disgard that as a feeble attempt at geeky humour.

The purpose of this weblog is to allow my family and friends to read about what is going on in my little nuclear family (for those who have just tuned in, that consists of me and my wife, Delyana--if you did not realise that I was married and want to make good on the obligatory wedding gift, email me) without being spammed by group emails. That means that you can have the latest news from my life when and where you want it. Just watch this space (or, for you technically savvy folk, subscribe to the RSS feed)!

Though I have long resisted the siren call of blogging (note to the non-cyberpunks in the audience: "blogging" is the act of writing in a weblog, which is called a "blog" in order to save the collective keyboards of Internet users the wear and tear of typing the first two letters in "weblog"), an upcoming change in my life has made it all but mandatory that I now start my own blog. What is that change, you ask? Well, Delyana and I are MOVING TO JAPAN! Yes, you heard it correctly, we are heading off to Yokohama on September 1 to make our home in the Brave New World that is the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area!

Delyana, as you may recall, has just finished her Master's degree in Japanese Linguistics here in Columbus, at THE Ohio State University (OSU types get testy if you leave off the "The" from the beginning of the name of Their University). Her next gig is an intensive Japanese language study course at the Inter-University Center in Yokohama. This is our handy excuse for returning to Japan, which we have been wanting to do ever since we left in 2001.

I anticipate your next question thusly: "And you, Josh? How shall you be whiling away your time whilst thy wife attendeth to her studies?" Well, the answer to that question is that I will attempt to find a job to occupy my days, and fill my bank account with the silver ingots which serve as currency in Japan (I jest, of course, about the currency; everyone knows that the Japanese employ the Tukish lira as their legal tender). The answer to your next question is 42, of course.

As to what kind of job I will be doing, and for whom, I cannot answer but to tell you that I know not yet. I have had a few interviews, and have a few more lined up for when I arrive in Japan. I will promise you, however, that readers of this blog will know the details of my employment as soon as I do.

Well, that wraps up this first installment of my life story. Tune in again for more details.


Cdog said...

And I say, from the bottom of my heart, good luck to you and your wife sir. I expect plenty of pics posted here of the insanity that is Japan

Q know me! 'yelled jarule style'

Jason said...

Yeah, sounds fun man, I added your blog to my bloglines account!

Scott said...

I"m sure you too will do well, as you know, I'm envious of your wife's Japanese ability.

However, remember, one of your buddies is an old man--that white on black is hard to read. :-(

Scott said...

Err, rereading my post (too impetuous to look at the preview) I should have specified--that you, as well as your wife, will do well. Or of course, we can assume that I simply misspelled two--hrrm, be known as one who can't spell or as one with tortured syntax..... sigh. Ok, let's redo that first sentence.

I'm sure you too will do well. As you know..

Josh Glover said...

Is this colour scheme easier to read?

caleb said...

yo j, b[ates] here.

you're composition skills are quite clever, you do so inspire me. way to make a little sister proud!

love ya j, can't wait to hear slash read about the priceless adventures you and del shall encounter.

peace out.

Sydney Adam Steele said...

Pardon me sir, but do you have any Grey Poupon?

Josh Glover said...

You know I only roll with the French's Classic Yellow mustard! (Which you can actually buy in Japan, at a hefty 700 yen--about $7--for a 10-ounce bottle!)